These 10 Homemade Campers Are Shockingly Real

Homemade campers have been around for a while, but these are certainly not the same as those built by someone who picked up an assembly manual and just went at it. You will need to know a few things before you begin to build your own. This article will help you out.

One thing you should know is that building these is more than just putting together some parts and then assembling them. It is more of a methodical process. You will need to know the tools that you will need in order to build these campers. You will also need a book on how to do it. All this knowledge will give you the best chance of having a good build.

The first thing you will need is a blueprint for what the finished product will look like. This is often referred to as the design. The design should be based on the type of materials you plan to use.

The second thing you will need is a list of materials you will need. Do not worry if you do not know exactly what you want to buy. There are a number of kits on the market that can give you the materials you need.

Your third step will be to gather the tools needed to build the unit. You will probably need a screwdriver, hammer, drill, bolt, and measuring tape. Be sure to bring along a strong tape measure so you can hold it steady while you screw in the parts.

The fourth step is to prepare a good base plan. Take the design you want to build and break it down into sections. Then start on each part. In a few weeks you will have your own campers.

You do not have to follow any plans if you do not want to, but it is important to have a good campers built. A good base will give you the stability you will need. If you start off with a tent you will not know how to use the materials properly. Only when you build the campers will you learn how to take care of them.

The final thing you will need is time to build your base campers. Building a good base can take you a week or two, but a proper base plan can take you a couple of months.


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